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Amazing Marriages Coaching: News


Amazing Marriages Marital Coaching helps married couples reconnect in areas of marriage that have become difficult, stale, or distant.

We spend so much time investing in our future, but often do not consider our marriages as an aspect to invest in.

Couples will first answer a series of questions that indicate areas where problem-solving may be applicable.

Next, you and your spouse will meet with a trained Coach Couple who will help you, equip you, encourage you and drive you to take action to get your marriage on the path to reconnection.

  • 6-12 weeks of marriage coaching

  • Coaches work with you, couple to couple

  • Our Coach Couples are trained but provide insight from their experiences as well.

  • If you decide to commit, there is a $50 non-refundable fee for your materials for you and your coaches.

  • Confidentiality Statement
    You can rest assured that all phone calls, emails, and coaching sessions are held in strictest confidence.


Dating is temporary but marriage is for a lifetime.

AGWC’s Amazing Marriages Premarital Coaching will help couples make the transition from dating into a covenant life together.

Couples will individually answer a series of questions online that will provide insight on viewpoints of agreement, as well as viewpoints where couples may need to problem-solve before marriage.

Next, couples will meet any range from two to six weeks with a Coach Couple, who will help guide couples through their strengths and weaknesses.

Cost of the program is $50 fee for materials provided.

Please include your Name, Phone Number and Email Address

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