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Praying Together


Serve: Ministries


Our Welcome Center assists visitors and AG attendees with any informational needs they may have.  To volunteer for our Welcome Center, please contact Judy Thomaston at


When visiting AGWC, you may notice our ministry team in place to help meet the needs of those who wish to have private prayer with God at the altar. This group assists in prayer, and helps lead others to Christ, following up with helpful information for those that make this important decision.

If you are interested in being part of the Ministry Team, please consider the following requirements:
• Must have attended AGWC for one year.
• If newly married, must be married for six months.
• Must have an established prayer life which is evident through lifestyle and character.
• Please see Charles English or call 205-365-1221.


Amazing Grace Senior Ministry is designed to help our seniors with a few extras. Funded by special offerings from the people of AG, we provide assistance in various ways to our senior citizens. We also like to get together and enjoy a meal or activity throughout the month. If you would like to help, in the senior ministry, please see JD or Joan Stinson or call 669-6676 -or call the church.


Our van and bus ministry is an extension of our Amazing Kidz Ministry, picking up only children. If you are interested in being a full or part time driver, or relief driver for one of our routes, please contact Paula Boothe at 747-6833 or call the church.


Did you know a greeter is often a person’s first impression of a church? If you are looking to impact someone’s life in a positive way, consider becoming a greeter. Contact Joan Stinson at 205-669-6676 or choose this option on your connection card.


The ushers and security team are extensions of the Men of Vision. From helping someone find a seat, to setting up for activities, ushers are in great demand at Amazing Grace. The security team are briefed in specific situations and signals that may be a potential issue at AG, and are advised with a protocol of what to do in such a case. If you are interested in being a part of the ushers or security team, please choose that option on your Connection Card.


All culinary volunteers we need you! If you enjoy cooking, please consider volunteering to furnish a dish for these occasions throughout the year: Newcomer’s Luncheon, Volunteer Appreciation, Times of loss and sickness. Contact Keith Blackburn @ 461-7870 to volunteer or select this option on your connection card.

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